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It can be nerve-racking to witness misconduct in California workplaces. It’s no secret that companies and employers are typically larger and more powerful than the hardworking people they employ to keep operations running smoothly. In many cases, workers can feel like they need their employer more than their employer needs them. While it can be scary to speak out against a powerful organization or authority figure, there are ways for workers to safeguard their employee rights after making the courageous decision to report a workplace violation. 

If you’ve experienced workplace misconduct in Santa Clarita or beyond, it’s crucial to hold your employer accountable for unethical behavior. Whistleblower protections are a vital mechanism for exposing wrongdoing and maintaining integrity in the workplace. When employees decide to “blow the whistle,” many are driven by the moral obligation to protect the public interest, promote transparency, and hold employers accountable for their actions. Blowing the whistle after witnessing an act of discriminationharassment, or other workplace violation can help protect yourself and other employees from continued harm. 

Before filing a whistleblower claim, it’s imperative to secure representation from an experienced and competent whistleblower attorney with a comprehensive understanding of whistleblower laws and protections in California. Our compassionate whistleblower attorneys have a successful track record representing hardworking Californians throughout the Santa Clarita Valley in whistleblower cases and related employment law disputes. With over 50 years of experience, our skilled advocates at Markson Pico LLP can advocate fiercely on your behalf and fight to secure the just outcome you deserve in court. 

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What Is Whistleblowing? 

In California, “whistleblowing” entails a current or former employee with firsthand knowledge or evidence of employer misconduct who speaks up to shed light on the wrongdoing. Essentially, workers can “blow the whistle” on an employer or company with the intent of exposing illegal activities, workplace violations, or any unethical action believed to go against the public interest. 

It’s important for whistleblowers to report such acts to the proper authorities, whether internal or external, to expose and address the issues at hand. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to blowing the whistle, as it can take various forms. Common examples of taking action as a whistleblower include: 

  • Reporting to supervisors or management
  • Filing complaints with regulatory agencies
  • Engaging with the media or whistleblower hotlines
  • Reporting misconduct to HR or an equivalent department
  • Filing a police report with a local law enforcement officer

California Whistleblower Laws & Protections

In California, there are several laws that protect whistleblowers and encourage reporting of illegal activities, including:

  • The California Whistleblower Protection Act – California’s whistleblower protections safeguard the rights of employees who report improper activities against retaliation. Common examples of employer retaliation against whistleblowers include intimidating, suspending, harassing, or discriminating against employees; wrongfully terminating employees; demoting or denying employees deserved promotions; threatening to take adverse action against employees; administering poor performance evaluations in response to whistleblowing; transferring or relocating employees without valid cause; or any other disciplinary action taken in response to whistleblowing.
  • The California False Claims Act (CFCA) – This law allows employees to file lawsuits on behalf of the government to recover funds obtained through fraud. Whistleblowers who report fraud against the government may be eligible for financial rewards and protection against retaliation.
  • Industry-Specific Whistleblower Protections – California also has various industry-specific laws in place to protect whistleblowers in designated professions, such as healthcare, environmental protection, and workplace safety.

Fierce Advocacy for Whistleblowers in Santa Clarita

Whistleblower protections and laws in California can be complex and difficult to prove. Unfortunately, one wrong step can easily result in substantial loss and prevent justice from being served. That’s why it’s so crucial to consult with an experienced employment lawyer who can guide your legal steps with precision, care, and wisdom. 

Our employment law firm has been dedicated to defending the rights of hardworking California employees for many years, and our longstanding focus on employee rights makes us well-equipped to represent workers in a variety of cases, from whistleblower claims to disability discrimination

Ready to blow the whistle on an unethical employer? Contact us online to discuss your case with a trusted Santa Clarita whistleblower attorney. 


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