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If you suspect there is some sort of legal wrongdoing occurring at your place of employment, you should be able to say something about it without worrying over the fear of possible retaliation from your employer. Most employment contracts will state somewhere in the fine print that you cannot face retaliation for doing what you thought was the right thing, as an extension of whistleblower protection and Title VII, but sometimes this is not the case. Hundreds, if not thousands, of American employees each year are handed pink slips, suspended, and so on in subtle acts of employer retaliation.

If you have found yourself in such a one-sided situation, Markson Pico LLP can help you stand up for yourself and set things right again. Our employment lawyers in Santa Clarita are renowned for providing stand-out legal counsel that is compassionate towards clients yet aggressive towards the opposition. Contact us today and we can discuss what you should do next to protect your rights when facing workplace retaliation.

Specifics Regarding Retaliation Claims

The definition of undue retaliation is any negative or harmful action by your employer against you in direct or clear response to your decision to file a complaint about discrimination. The discrimination can be of any kind, such as age discrimination or gender discrimination, and it does not even have to be against you, as you could face retaliation just for bearing witness in a coworker’s discrimination claim. Furthermore, the acts of retaliation do not need to be directed explicitly towards yourself but could instead target your friends and family members.

Some of the acts of retaliation an employer could use include: 

Time to Take Action, Time for Markson Pico

Our Santa Clarita employment law attorneys are well-versed in retaliation cases. We know what it takes to protect honest employees from the dishonest practices of their employers. As soon as you think something is headed south at your workplace and you fear retaliation, or if retaliation measures have already been used against you, contact our office.

Contact or call us at (661) 434-4333 today for a free case evaluation with our team.

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