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Here are some examples of cases Markson Pico LLP attorneys have handled. For more information about what your case may be worth, call for a free initial consultation at (661) 434-4333 or send us an email.
    • Wage and Hour Class Action Settles for $19.5 Million $19,500,000.00

      Markson firm filed class action lawsuit on behalf of employees against a national chain for wage and hour violations (unpaid overtime and meal/rest break violations). The court approved a class settlement of $ 19.5 million.

    • $2.75 Million Settlement Reached In Wage & Hour Class Action Lawsuit $2,750,000.00

      As counsel for a proposed class of workers who help people with developmental disabilities, Markson Pico LLP secured an agreement to settle a pending class action lawsuit for $2.75 million, subject to court approval. In the class action, the workers claim that they were not properly paid for overtime work and that they were prevented from taking legally permitted rest breaks and meal breaks.

    • $1,850,000 to Low-Wage Employee for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Violation $1,850,000.00

      Employee (MP client) was forced to use his vacation time to care for his terminally ill mother. After exhausting all of his vacation time, employee asked for more time to help his mother’s transition home from the hospital. Employer interfered with employee’s request for a leave of absence and then refused because employee had no vacation time left. When the employee insisted on taking the time off, the Company fired him. Markson Pico LLP secured $1,850,000 for this client. (For more information, see our Protected Leave of Absence pages).

    • Employer’s Aggressive Trade Secret Attack Backfires with Seven-Figure Award to Wrongfully Accused Employee $1,800,000.00

      After sales representative (MP Client) left his job to start a competing business, his former employer sued falsely accusing him of misappropriating trade secrets and stealing client/customer information. Not only did Markson Pico LLP convince the court to dismiss the lawsuit, Markson Pico LLP filed a cross-complaint and secured an award of over $1.8 million in favor of its client for labor law violations and unlawful business practices. (For more information, see our Trade Secrets and Non Compete Disputes pages.)

    • $1,650,000 To Medical Assistants At Urgent Care Centers $1.65 million settlement

      Court preliminarily approved $1.65 million settlement in wage and hour class action filed by medical assistants against Your Neighborhood Urgent Care LLC. The wage claims arise out of an allegedly invalid alternative workweek election.

    • $1,500,000 Class Action Settlement for Video Game “Senior Artist” Employees $1,500,000.00

      Court approved a settlement requiring payment of $1.5 million to a class of “Senior Artists” (technical production team members) employees who sued for unpaid overtime based on allegation that their employer (a video game developer) misclassified them as exempt when they should have been classified as nonexempt and paid overtime compensation. Markson Pico LLP represented the employee class.

    • $1M To LAX Workers For Living Wage Ordinance Violation $1,000,000.00

      Wage and hour class action filed on behalf of small group of workers who clean FedEx airplanes at LAX results in settlement of approximately $1 million after federal court certified the class action. Employer Defendant also forced to change its policies to ensure compliance with the Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance for the benefit of current and future employees.

    • $800,000 in Disability Discrimination Case $800,000.00

      Markson Pico LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a management employee against his employer for discrimination based on physical disability and age (over 40). After the employee complained to senior management about what he perceived to be mistreatment, his supervisor retaliated by orchestrating the employee’s involuntary termination. Markson Pico LLP were able to successfully negotiate a resolution of the matter for $800,000.

    • $750,000 Paid to Undocumented Worker for Sexual Harassment $750,000.00

      Young, undocumented female office worker (MP client) subjected to physical and psychological sexual harassment at the hands of her middle-age manager. Out of fear of retaliation against her undocumented immigrant family, she submitted to the abuse for two years before gaining the strength and courage to quit her job. Markson Pico LLP secured $750,000.00 on her behalf.

    • 7-Year Old Girl Suffers Mild Traumatic Brain Injury After "Darting Out" in Front of Moving Car $700,000.00

      7 year old girl (MP Client) suffered mild traumatic brain injury after running into street in front of a moving car. Jury found driver 37% at fault. Based on that finding, MP secured a settlement of $700,000 —the equivalent of a gross verdict of about $1.9 million. The youngster fully recovered and her family will use the money to fund her college education.

    • Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault In the Workplace $625,000.00

      Business owner sexually harassed female employee (MP Client) over extended time period. Harassment slowly progressed from innocuous compliments about the employee's appearance, to suggestive sexual innuendo, to direct comments about the employee's chest, and to sexual propositions. Despite the employee's resistance, the owner's harassment continued and eventually led to physical sexual assaults. There were no witnesses to the assaults. MP filed a lawsuit against the employer and the business owner personally. In response to the suit, the owner claimed that there was a "mutual flirtation" between the parties, but denied that any intentional physical contact ever happened. The parties submitted the matter to mediation, in which MP secured a settlement on behalf of its client in the amount of $625,000.

    • Commercial Real Estate Lease Dispute $500,000.00

      Tenant (Markson Client) was unable to build out and occupy lease space due to landlord’s building code violations. Landlord refused to refund deposit, forcing tenant to sue. Landlord paid $500,000 to tenant to settle on the eve of trial.

    • $500,000 to Visitor Struck by Falling Object $500,000.00

      Markson Pico LLP secured a payment of $500,000 for the visitor of an entertainment center who suffered back injuries as a result of being struck by a falling object on the center’s premises. Markson Pico sued for personal injuries due to the center’s negligence.

    • Administrative Assistant Pressured into Sexual Relationship with Her Boss $425,000.00

      An administrative assistant (MP Client) was required to travel with her boss for regular business trips. During those outings, her boss often drank too much during dinner and would proposition her. After fighting off his unwelcome advances for a couple of years, the assistant eventually gave in and they had an intimate relationship. Shortly thereafter, the assistant felt so uncomfortable that she put an end to it. Her boss did not take kindly to the rejection. In response, he began treating her with hostility in the office and undermining her work. MP secured a $425,000 settlement in favor of its client in mediation.

    • $425,000 to Pair of Employees Subjected to Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment $425,000.00

      Two female employees of a building supply distributor sued their former employer for sexual harassment after enduring years of inappropriate sexual jokes, sexual innuendo, and juvenile behavior by the male store manager. Markson Pico LLP represented the employees in the lawsuit and the matter was resolved before trial for $425,000.

    • $415,000 in Medical Condition Discrimination/Wrongful Termination Case $415,000.00

      Former employee of a title company sued her former employer for discrimination based on medical condition and for interfering with her right to take a protected leave of absence for medical reasons. Markson Pico LLP represented the employee and secured a pre-trial settlement of $415,000.

    • Whistle-Blower Kicked to the Curb $400,000.00

      Corporate executive employee (MP Client) fired after uncovering employer's illegal practices involving health and safty violations and initiating internal corporate investigation. Upon terminating employee, employer turned the tables, falsely accusing the employee of the very misconduct that the employee was investigating. MP filed suit and the employee recovered $400,000.

    • Recovery Secured On Dangerous Road Condition Claim, Despite Solid Drunk Driver Defense $300,000.00

      Passenger in pick-up truck (MP Client) injured in crash after driver lost control of vehicle in a sand patch on the roadway. The sand built up after a rainstorm. MP sued the City alleging a theory of dangerous condition of public property. The City blamed the driver of the truck, who had been drinking and whose blood alcohol was over the legal limit. The City also denied that the sand patch was a dangerous condition. After a jury trial, MP secured a mutually acceptable settlement of $300,000 from the City.

    • Passenger Injured Due To Automobile Seat Belt Design Defect $300,000.00

      Automobile passenger (MP Client) suffered head injury in a rollover accident. In addition to pursuing the driver’s insurance carrier, Markson Pico LLP sued the auto manufacturer based on a novel seat belt design defect theory. The injured passenger recovered $300,000 before trial.

    • Retaliation for Complaint of Sexual Harassment $275,000.00

      Female sales representative (MP client) abruptly fired after complaining about inappropriate teasing by her supervisor. MP sued and recovered $275,000 for this client.

    • Half-Day Modeling Job Yields Six Figure Recovery- Right of Publicity Claim $260,000.00

      An exclusive Beverly Hills hotel paid an unknown model (MP Client) $800 to pose for a hotel spa ad. Years later the model became internationally famous and discovered that the hotel was continuing to use her image on the internet without her consent. After the hotel refused to remove the images, Markson attorneys sued. The case went to binding arbitration and the hotel was ordered to remove the images and pay the model an additional $260,000.

    • Female Sales Reps Sexually Harassed By Supervisor $227,000.00

      An up and coming female sales representative (MP Client) of a national insurance company was subjected to sexual harassment by her supervisor over several months. When she rejected his advances, he retaliated against her by withholding sales leads. Similarly, another top producing female sales representative (MP Client) who complained about being subjected to the hostile work environment caused by the supervisor’s actions was also denied leads. The harassment victims’ claims settled without a lawsuit for $227,000.

    • Individual Wage and Hour Violation Claims $210,000.00

      Contractor employer classified cost estimator employees (MP Clients) as exempt from overtime wage requirements. MP filed wage and hour lawsuit against employer on behalf of 2 cost estimator employees alleging misclassification for purposes of overtime laws. Settlement reached on behalf of two individual employees in the amount of $210,000.

    • Grandmother Takes 3 Insurance Companies To Task $180,000.00

      After dislocating her jaw as a passenger in a 2 car rollover collision, 79 year old grandmother (MP Client) fought 3 insurance companies—the two drivers’ insurance companies and her own insurance company—to secure $180,000 on the eve of trial. The grandmother will use the money to help pay the cost of assisted care as she gets older.

    • Trip-And-Fall Danger In Dark Restaurant $175,000.00

      Restaurant patron (MP Client) dislocated his shoulder after tripping on a step in a dimly-lit restaurant. Markson Pico LLP convinced the restaurant’s insurance carrier to settle for $175,000 shortly before trial.

    • Shoulder Injury Due to SUV Rollover Collision $157,500.00

      Intoxicated driver lost control of his car and strikes SUV. The SUV rolled over and its driver (MP Client) suffered a torn rotator cuff shoulder injury as a result. After collecting the policy limits from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, Markson Pico LLP fought with the uninsured motorist carrier for additional benefits, recovering $157,500 in compensation.

    • City Employee Exposed To Sex Photos Of Her Boss On Employer’s Computer $150,000.00

      A City employee (MP Client) complained after finding sex photos of her boss on the City’s computer. The supervisor retaliated against the complaining employee by making her feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in the department before transferring her to another department and terminating her for seemingly unrelated reasons. Even though the employee found another job within two weeks, Markson Pico LLP was able to recover $ 150,000 for this employee before trial.

    • Contractor’s License Violations Trumps Invoice Dispute $150,000.00

      Contractor sued homeowner (MP Client) after dispute over final invoice. Homeowner counter-sued based on recent amendments to contractor license law that allows homeowners to recover all compensation paid to the contractor. At trial, the court dismissed contractors claim against homeowner and awarded homeowner almost $150,000 as penalty against contractor.

    • Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment $150,000.00

      Company receptionist (MP client) subjected to misconduct by supervisor in the form of unwelcome sexual jokes and banter on a regular basis. MP obtained a settlement of $150,000 for this client (100 times more than her lost earnings).

    • Human Resources Executive Improperly Denied Disability Leave by Employer $130,000.00

      HR executive (MP Client) employed by a large financial institution took a medical disability leave of absence. Upon being cleared by her doctor to return to work, her employer informed her that "changes had occurred" and that her position was no longer available. Despite her employer's representation, her employer posted listings for a position that fit her prior job description. MP filed a complaint on behalf of this employee for: (1) Disability Discrimination; (2) Retaliation in Violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act; (3) Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy; (4) Failure to Accommodate; and, (5) Failure to Engage in the Interactive Process. MP secured a favorable settlement in favor of the employee in the amount of $130,000.

    • Employee Fired After Taking Stress Leave $122,500.00

      A technician (MP Client) was put on a stress leave of absence by his doctor. He neglected to send the doctor's note to his employer and his employer terminated him claiming that he abandoned his job. MP filed a disability discrimination/retaliation lawsuit against the employer and MP's client recovered a $122,500 settlement.

    • Consent Required For Product Endorsement In Infomercial- Right of Publicity Claim $120,000.00

      TV personality (Markson client) sued after learning that his infomercial was being aired after his consent expired. Our attorneys helped resolve the dispute by securing a new usage agreement plus $120,000 in cash compensation for our client.

    • Broken Teeth Due To Dermatologist’s Malpractice $75,000.00

      Business executive (MP Client) fell off Dermatologist’s medical table after passing out during mole removal procedure. When he regained consciousness, he found that 3 front teeth were broken. Markson Pico LLP secured a settlement of $75,000 from the dermatologist’s medical malpractice carrier.

    • Grandmother Scarred by "Junkyard Dog” Bite $69,000.00

      A dog guarding a used car lot escaped and bit a 63 year old grandmother (MP Client) leaving a 2 inch crescent-shaped scar on her forearm. MP settled the case for $69,000 in mediation.

    • Drunken Boss Takes Advantage of Female Employee After Office Party $42,500.00

      Following an office party, drunken owner of business tried to seduce female employee (MP Client). Employee rejected his advances. The next month, during another office party, drunken owner tried it again and again employee rejected his advances. Two weeks later, employer fired the employee because "work was getting slow." MP filed an administrative claim with the DFEH and settled with employer without a lawsuit for $42,500.

    • Gas Station Cashier Recovers For Miscalculation of his Overtime Wages $19,500.00

      A gas station employer used an incorrect formula for calculating overtime owed to a cashier (MP Client) who worked there for only 2 months. Settlement reached on behalf of cashier employee in the amount of $19,500.

    • Federal Case Made Of Military Service Discrimination

      A U.S. Navy reservist (MP Client) was terminated from his job with a security company after advising his employer that he expected to be called for active duty soon. Markson Pico LLP helped its client secure a confidential pre-trial settlement at mediation before being recalled to active duty.

    • Organ Transplant Surgeon Beats Prominent Medical Center in Trade Secrets Case

      After transplant surgeon (Markson client) left Medical Center to start new practice at another hospital, the Med Center sued accusing the surgeon of “stealing patients” and misappropriating trade secrets. After a month of arbitration, the arbitrator dismissed the claims against the surgeon and found in favor of the surgeon on his cross-complaint. After the arbitrator set a punitive damages hearing against the Medical Center, the case settled for a seven-figure confidential sum.

    • Company Accountant Fired For Taking Too Much Time Off During Pregnancy Confidential

      A bookkeeper employee (MP Client) working for a textile company was fired for missing work several times to see her obstetricians while she was pregnant with twins. The employer denied that was the reason and claimed she was terminated due to job performance issues only, although the employee had never received any write-ups or poor evaluations. MP filed suit on behalf of the employee and the matter was favorably resolved by way of a confidential settlement.

    • Firm Held Accountable For Illegal Pregnancy Discrimination

      An expectant mother (MP Client) worked for a prominent national accounting firm. After announcing the good news of her pregnancy, the pregnant employee was subjected to insensitive comments and unwarranted criticisms by her boss. When she returned from her pregnancy leave, she found her job had given to someone else. Without filing a lawsuit, Markson Pico LLP helped negotiate a favorable confidential settlement.

    • Oil Rig Worker Fights Disability Discrimination

      An oil rig worker (MP Client) contracted a painful skin condition which was found to be related to his employment. While the worker was on medical leave, his employer terminated him claiming his performance evaluations showed poor work performance. Markson Pico LLP helped secure a significant confidential settlement without filing a lawsuit.