LAX Workers Benefit from Renewed Living Wage Law

Cesar Chavez is a legend in the American labor movement. During his lifetime, Cesar Chavez achieved countless victories on behalf of workers. Today, our firm is proud to celebrate this exemplary leader on the anniversary of his birth with an exciting case result attained for LAX workers.

Businesses operating out of LAX have been required to adhere to the Living Wage Ordinance since 1997. In essence, this legislation provides that workers at LAX must be paid a wage higher than the minimum wage; they must be paid what's known as a "living wage." Unfortunately, this ordinance has been disregarded by certain LAX employers.

Positive Changes Surface Thanks to One Worker's Bravery

Workers have suffered as a result, until one man decided to do something about it. Federal Express subcontracted its cleaning work to a small company that did not pay its employees living wage rates at LAX. Vicente Torres was one of the workers who cleaned Federal Express airplanes at LAX. Eventually, Torres had had enough.

Inspired by Cesar Chavez, Torres petitioned for the full wages deserved by himself and his coworkers. This legal battle began in 2013 and recently ended victoriously for the employees. On the eve of trial, the parties agreed that the employer must pay all back wages owed, along with interest, and treat the LAX workers as those deserving of living wage pay rates from now on. Fortunately and not surprisingly, the court approved this agreement.

Brett Markson of Markson Pico LLP served as lead Class Counsel on the case. He said, "It takes a lot of guts to stand up to your employer. But Torres didn't hesitate to do the right thing. We are pleased that workers will be made whole and that the defendant will be required to comply with the living wage ordinance going forward."

For LAX workers and Markson Pico LLP, this will certainly be a Cesar Chavez Day to remember.

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