Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • What's My Sexual Harassment Case Worth?

    || 10-Mar-2012

    Victims of sexual harassment regularly contact attorneys at Markson Pico LLP and ask "what's my case worth?" Because we don't pretend to have crystal ball, there is no way to respond with certainty. But we look to history for guidance--history gleaned from past published judgments, verdicts and settlements. Here is sampling of historical trends in California: California appellate ...
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  • Commission-Only Pay Plan May Jeopardize Overtime Exemption

    || 7-Mar-2012

    It's no secret. The "great recession" over the past several years has not been kind to the automobile industry. And for car salespersons, no sales means no commissions. But the sales staff can't go unpaid. They must receive minimum monthly compensation—either base pay, a draw against future commissions, a guarantee or otherwise. Without that, the dealership jeopardizes the ...
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