Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • People know this is 2011, right? While an employer maintaining a dress code is certainly not unusual, one Utah Company took the idea of a dress code to an unhealthy and illegal extreme. Trudy Anderson, an employee of an Elk Grove, Utah electrical control company has accused her boss (the company's owner) of sexual harassment. Notable amongst her allegations was her employer's attempt to ...
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  • School Fires Water Polo Coach For Being Openly Gay

    || 29-Sep-2011

    Charter Oak High School fired an openly gay water polo coach, Mitch Stein, after receiving an anonymous complaint about "inappropriate" photos of Stein pulled from his Facebook page. No, these weren't photos of Stein doing anything illegal. And no, these weren't lewd or compromising photos by any means. What do these "scandalous" photos show? According to reports in ...
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  • As the song goes, "Love and marriage, love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage, …" In comparison, "Love and civil unions, ..." kind of falls flat. To many, next to marriage, a civil union seems like the proverbial red-headed, step sister—largely perceived as inferior and stigmatizing. No wonder so many committed, same-sex couples choose to forego ...
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