Driver Dies in Car Crash in Newhall Pass. Passenger Seriously Injured.

Posted By Brett Markson || 8-Feb-2010

            The Santa Clarita Signal reports that during the recent rainstorm on 2/5/2010, Friday night, at 9:40 p.m., a fatal two-car collision occurred on Interstate-5 near the Calgrove exit.   The article indicates that the 22 year old driver of a Honda Civic, Julius Glover, died and that the passenger, 24 year old Louisa Hezseltine, was seriously injured in the Santa Clarita car accident.  We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Glover and pray for Ms. Hezseltine's recovery.   The CHP is investigating the cause of the crash.

Wet/Slippery Road Conditions

            Rain is infrequent in the Los Angeles area.   So, when it does rain, built up oil, dirt and debris make our roads slick and slippery.   That can cause cars to lose traction and control.   In rain, there are two key rules of the road: (1) slow down, and (2) leave space between your car and the cars around you.

Driver Negligence?

            The CHP made no arrests and, according to the Signal, the CHP does not suspect that alcohol or drugs were involved.   Many questions, however, remain.   Why did the driver of the Mercedes lose control?   Were the cars traveling too fast for the road conditions?   Was the driver of the Honda following too closely?   Was the driver distracted?   On the cell phone?   Texting?   At Markson Pico LLP, our accident reconstruction experts piece together evidence from crashes like this Santa Clarita auto accident to explain how these events unfolded.

Dangerous Road Conditions?

            Sometimes, drivers lose control due to dangerous road conditions-be that a defect in the design of a road, the failure to maintain the safe condition of a road, or even the failure to warn drivers about an upcoming dangerous condition in the roadway.   Thorough investigation should be undertaken to rule out dangerous road conditions as a contributing factor.

Auto Safety Defect?

            Questions about vehicle safety should not be overlooked.   The Mercedes lost control and swerved into the Honda.   Did the Mercedes lose control due to a defect in its traction control system?   Did its braking system function properly?   Was there a mechanical malfunction, vehicle defect, or tire failure that precipitated this tragedy?

            And the Honda?   Was it crashworthy?   In other words, was the design of this vehicle reasonably sufficient to protect occupants in the event of a reasonably foreseeable crash scenario?   Was there a practical and technically feasible alternative design that would have prevented the injuries without impairing the function of the vehicle?  At Markson Pico LLP, our accident reconstruction consultants study the evidence and come up with answers.

            Markson Pico LLP's Santa Clarita personal injury attorneys help injury victims throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, and beyond, to secure just compensation arising out of auto accidents like this one.

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