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Wage and Hour Class Action Settles for $19.5 Million- $19,500,000.00

Markson firm filed class action lawsuit on behalf of employees against a national chain for wage and hour violations (unpaid overtime and meal/rest break violations). The court approved a class settlement of $ 19.5 million. (For more information, see our Unpaid Wages page.)

$2.75 Million Settlement Reached In Wage & Hour Class Action Lawsuit- $2,750,000.00

As counsel for a proposed class of workers who help people with developmental disabilities, Markson Pico LLP secured an agreement to settle a pending class action lawsuit for $2.75 million, subject to court approval. In the class action, the workers claim that they were not properly paid for overtime work and that they were prevented from taking legally permitted rest breaks and meal breaks.

$1,850,000 to Low-Wage Employee for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Violation- $1,850,000.00

Employee (MP client) was forced to use his vacation time to care for his terminally ill mother. After exhausting all of his vacation time, employee asked for more time to help his mother’s transition home from the hospital. Employer interfered with employee’s request for a leave of absence and then refused because employee had no vacation time left. When the employee insisted on taking the time off, the Company fired him. Markson Pico LLP secured $1,850,000 for this client. (For more information, see our Protected Leave of Absence pages).

Employer’s Aggressive Trade Secret Attack Backfires with Seven-Figure Award to Wrongfully Accused Employee- $1,800,000.00

After sales representative (MP Client) left his job to start a competing business, his former employer sued falsely accusing him of misappropriating trade secrets and stealing client/customer information. Not only did Markson Pico LLP convince the court to dismiss the lawsuit, Markson Pico LLP filed a cross-complaint and secured an award of over $1.8 million in favor of its client for labor law violations and unlawful business practices. (For more information, see our Trade Secrets and Non Compete Disputes pages.)

$1,650,000 To Medical Assistants At Urgent Care Centers- $1,650,000.00

$1.65 million settlement -

Court preliminarily approved $1.65 million settlement in wage and hour class action filed by medical assistants against Your Neighborhood Urgent Care LLC. The wage claims arise out of an allegedly invalid alternative workweek election.

$1,500,000 Class Action Settlement for Video Game “Senior Artist” Employees- $1,500,000.00

Court approved a settlement requiring payment of $1.5 million to a class of “Senior Artists” (technical production team members) employees who sued for unpaid overtime based on allegation that their employer (a video game developer) misclassified them as exempt when they should have been classified as nonexempt and paid overtime compensation. Markson Pico LLP represented the employee class.

$1M To LAX Workers For Living Wage Ordinance Violation- $1,000,000.00

settlement of approximately $1 million -

Wage and hour class action filed on behalf of small group of workers who clean FedEx airplanes at LAX results in settlement of approximately $1 million after federal court certified the class action. Employer Defendant also forced to change its policies to ensure compliance with the Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance for the benefit of current and future employees.

$800,000 in Disability Discrimination Case- $800,000.00

Markson Pico LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a management employee against his employer for discrimination based on physical disability and age (over 40). After the employee complained to senior management about what he perceived to be mistreatment, his supervisor retaliated by orchestrating the employee’s involuntary termination. Markson Pico LLP were able to successfully negotiate a resolution of the matter for $800,000.

$750,000 Paid to Undocumented Worker for Sexual Harassment- $750,000.00

Young, undocumented female office worker (MP client) subjected to physical and psychological sexual harassment at the hands of her middle-age manager. Out of fear of retaliation against her undocumented immigrant family, she submitted to the abuse for two years before gaining the strength and courage to quit her job. Markson Pico LLP secured $750,000.00 on her behalf. (For more information, see our Sexual Harassment , Gender Discrimination , and Employment Law pages.)

7-Year Old Girl Suffers Mild Traumatic Brain Injury After "Darting Out" in Front of Moving Car- $700,000.00

7 year old girl (MP Client) suffered mild traumatic brain injury after running into street in front of a moving car. Jury found driver 37% at fault. Based on that finding, MP secured a settlement of $700,000 —the equivalent of a gross verdict of about $1.9 million. The youngster fully recovered and her family will use the money to fund her college education. (For more information, see our Pedestrian Accidents and Brain & Spine Injuries page.)

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